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Ron recently received
two awards

The Place Beyond the Dust Bowl was named 2014 "winner" of the biography/
autobiography category at the Great Southeast Book Festival. Ron's new book, Deja vu of a Skeptic got 2014 "winner" of the Wild Card (anything goes) category at the Great Southwest Book Festival.

Southwest Award for Deja Vu


Dan Roche (Exeter, CA USA)

Teachers looking for migrant biographies will find this book an excellent resource. Ron Hughart writes in a comfortable "talkative" style. He makes the reader ponder his own life and how events shape the way one sees the world.


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New Book Released!

Déjà Vu of a Skeptic

Deja Vu Cover




Déjà vu can be scary, fun, humbling, overwhelming and confusing, or perhaps a combination of some or all the above. This déjà vu began over twenty-five years ago for Award-winning Author Ron Hughart at a small restaurant in Placerville, California, and still has him baffled.

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Jeff (Sacramento, CA, USA)

Jeff (Sacramento, CA, USA)

An incredible book. I was captured by this story within the first 3 pages!

The author's vivid descriptions of his survival (and ultimately, enrichment of self) through harsh, yet realistic, conditions provides the reader with an extremely personal view of what life was like for many children in California during this time. I highly recommend this book."

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