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Ron recently received
two awards

The Place Beyond the Dust Bowl was named 2014 "winner" of the biography/
autobiography category at the Great Southeast Book Festival. Ron's new book, Deja vu of a Skeptic got 2014 "winner" of the Wild Card (anything goes) category at the Great Southwest Book Festival.

Southwest Award for Deja Vu


Jeannette C. Velasquez, Hollister, CA

I just started my third reading of this book; I concluded that I would like to see a sequel. I first met the Hughart family at our one room school in Panoche Valley in San Benito County, California in 1963. 


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New Book Released!

Déjà Vu of a Skeptic

Deja Vu Cover




Déjà vu can be scary, fun, humbling, overwhelming and confusing, or perhaps a combination of some or all the above. This déjà vu began over twenty-five years ago for Award-winning Author Ron Hughart at a small restaurant in Placerville, California, and still has him baffled.

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"sue1960" (Visalia, CA United States)

"sue1960" (Visalia, CA United States)

WOW! I just finished reading this book for the third time and I am still overwhelmed at the author's generosity. To share such a truly personal and emotional story of his childhood with us is a gift in itself.

I was born and raised in Central California, in the heart of agriculture, there were many kids like Ron in my life while I was growing up. This book will make you stop, reflect and wonder about those friends you had for such a short time, before they "moved on."
It's a wonderful piece of California history and a marvelous book no matter how or where you grew up. What a great story... an excellent gift for giving!"

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