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A New Book, Did I Meet Santa?, has been released and is now available on
The book is based on a true story that took place one brisk sunny morning in December while on an annual trek to the hills looking for a Christmas tree and to cut some firewood. Sunshine turned to dark gray clouds and dry dirt roads into slippery muddy treacherous driving conditions. This was the beginning for what turned out to be a most unusual and unforgettable fun holiday experience for all..

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A museum interviews Ron Hughart about his book, The Place Beyond the Dust Bowl

Award-Winning Author of The Place Beyond the Dust Bowl

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The Place Beyond The Dust Bowl

The Place Beyond the Dust Bowl is a gripping account of life after the “Grapes of Wrath.” It is the story of the plight of Hughart’s migrant family from the Dust Bowl of America, who fled to California and the West to start life anew.

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Beyond the Dust Bowl With a Pocket Full of Peanuts

Beyond the Dust Bowl with a Pocket Full of Peanuts is Ron Hughart’s next chapter in his continuing saga of growing up in the 1950’s and 1960’s in the great San Joaquin Valley.

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Déjà Vu of a Skeptic

éjà vu can be scary, fun, humbling, overwhelm-ing and confusing, or perhaps a combination of some or all the above. This déjà vu began over twenty-five years ago for Award-winning Author Ron Hughart at a small restaurant in Placerville, California, and still has him baffled.

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Last Day of the Season: From a Baseball’s Point of View

Last Day of the Season From A Baseball’s Point of View is a children’s story about baseball and a child who bravely handles a physical disability. The book was first published in 2003 by California

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The Place Beyond the Dust Bowl

The Dust Bowl, also known as “the Dirty Thirties,” started in 1930 and lasted for about a decade, but its long-term economic impacts on the region lingered much longer. Author Ron Hughart, writes about his experience growing up as one of the migrants who were forced to leave their homes.

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