A former school teacher, award-winning author Ron Hughart wrote this book with past students in mind. Although he changed the names, students described in, ‘Meet the Kids in Room ‘22’’ are based on individuals he remembers from his own fifth-grade classes.

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Fifth-grade teacher, Ms. Summers’ introduces the book’s characters as she takes the morning roll. Then a brief description is given of each student in her diverse class that could be any class, in any school in any state, maybe one like yours.

The reader will see that students have different interests, unique characteristics, and talents that make them special as individuals. Perhaps someone in Ms. Summers’ class will remind readers of themselves or someone they know or have known.

Individuals, to which this book is gifted, will become the illustrator by drawing, sketching, or painting in provided framed areas and will have helped in the completion of this project. A space on the book cover is provided for the young illustrator’s name alongside the author’s!

This activities book is for the “artist” in the family. It is perfect for road trips, class art projects, a summer project, or just for the fun of being creative and will become an heirloom for generations to come.