Meet Ron Hughart


Cricket Cricket

Ronald Lee Hughart, “Ronnie” was born September 22, 1949, in Porterville, California, to parents who had migrated separately from Oklahoma to California in the late 1930s. His mom and dad met in the peach orchards of Pixley, California, so subsequently much of Ron’s childhood was spent living the migrant lifestyle. In his writings, Ron very eloquently captures the essence of growing up the oldest of five children to parents because of hard economic times had been forced into the fruits and vegetable fields to make ends meet. In a John Steinbeck-like manner. Ron chronicles in two books, award-winning The Place Beyond the Dust Bowl and Beyond the Dust Bowl With a Pocket Full of Peanuts, what it was like to follow his folks as they struggled to “re-assimilate” into a society they did not understand or trust and who considered them at best, “Ditch bank Okies.”


Literary Honors