How do I contact Ron?

Fans wishing to contact send a message to us using the form here and we will get the message to him shortly. He usually gets back to you very quickly that way.

How can I get Ron to make an appearance at my school/an event?

Ron makes frequent appearances at schools and will be happy to put your school on his list. Use the Ask Ron form and let him know where and when the event is going to be and your contact information. If his schedule permits he will contact you.

When will Ron be coming to my town?

Ron has a busy schedule as he’s working on a new books, oops the secret’s out, so he hasn’t been making a lot of appearances lately. However, when he does, it will be posted on the scheduled appearances page of this website. You can also get notifications by subscribing to our monthly newsletter..

How do I send Ron a book to get signed?

Special Orders and Signed Copies available by calling:

(559) 920-8772.

How do you pronounce your last name?

It’s pronounced like Huggert

Are you related to Ron Hughart, the animation director?

No. But he has talked with him on the telephone. Maybe Ron will share the story with us one day..