To Our Educators

I wrote this book with the intention of passing on life’s sometimes difficult lessons. These were learned while growing up economically and socially disadvantaged.  I wanted to pass along to young people another way of looking at their past—a way to add one complementary point of view. There is a variety of perspectives students need in developing a deeper understanding of their cultural contexts as they compare and contrast their values with those around them.
 In reading my book, I hope today’s youth; specifically grades seven through twelve, will better be able to evaluate the pattern of events that have shaped and influenced their thinking, and help them better grasp the current and future events unfolding around them.
Many of the standards and assessments content areas found in the California Department of Education Standards—particularly History and Social Science, are aligned with questions in my study guide. These are available separately from my book, and may be found on the Internet.
They include, but are not limited to:  Continuity and Change; Historical and Social Sciences Analysis Skills; Chronological and Spatial Thinking; Historical Research; Evidence, and Point of View; Comparing Past with Present; and Analyzing Change.
Natural creativity through writing skills and art abilities should be developed. I hope that by writing these stories and the lessons taught in my Study Guide I will encourage critical thinking among our children.
My book is another tool or resource for students to test a hypothesis; collect and evaluate information, and apply it to oral and written presentations.
I personally want to thank teachers for their effort and time that they often donate tirelessly to our young people.