“I just started my third reading of this book; I concluded that I would like to see a sequel.
I first met the Hughart family at our one room school in Panoche Valley in San Benito County, California in 1963. I met them again through their travels in Ron’s book. You will enjoy and grow to love reading this book about the Hugharts. It will take you with them on their travels though California looking for work. A young boy grows to manhood. You will laugh and you will cry for this family. I remember that they always were happy being with us at our grammar school, now I know why.
The book has a power of it’s own. It captures a bygone era of the 1950’s and 1960’s; I promise, you will enjoy their journey.
“Every person who loves and cares for their family, who works for or with children and wants to make a difference in the world should read this book. Children are a gift from God. “To learn about the different backgrounds of children is the gift this author gives to readers. After your journey with the Hughart family, you learn and remember that not everyone lives like you do. So many lessons we learn in life are so very simple; all we need to do is be kind, and kindness will come back to us ten fold.
“The Place Beyond the Dust Bowl makes a great gift for any time of the year to anyone you cherish.”