This essay looks at the clandestine nature of PTSD, (Post-traumatic stress disorder) and how it sneaks up on us until “WHAMMO!” as Batman would say, it is too late, weighing unhealthily and squarely on our shoulders. It is my wish that this kind-of, out-of-the-box pondering, might cause contemplation of lost and found as it relates to the effort in Something from Nothing because it did for me.

Hopefully, this examination will spur group discussions about how those who are most susceptible to PTSD might benefit in Bible studies, group sessions, retreats and the like, be they military or otherwise. A look at how this disorder chips away over time at how we see ourselves and possibly help in what some will see as a return of order and normalcy in their lives. Plus, perhaps a better perspective of the time it may take to heal from the adversities we might have picked up along the way.

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