I had the pleasure of meeting Ron Hughart before ever knowing he was an author. This provided me a truly different perspective when reading this book. It was a pleasure reading about Ron’s childhood, coming of age, and life experiences from a different generation than my own. The book describes in simple terms Ron’s daily struggle with hunger, work, school, girls, and the natural elements around him. There are many of “Life’s Lessons” to be learned through this author’s own experiences.

I’m sure this book will have special meaning to migrant families and their descendants, but I am not from that generation or geographical area and found it completely satisfying. I could identify with almost every David vs. Goliath experience described by Ron (dealing with childhood bullies, overcoming poverty and hunger, doing what’s right in life over the wrong thing).

I could probably count the number of books I have read cover-to-cover on one hand. This is a book I will read AGAIN! Thank you Ron for sharing “The Place Beyond the Dust Bowl.” The pleasure was all mine!